In a perfect world, Asset management software would just be about keeping track of everything you own. But when it comes to being responsible for all the coffee stained keyboards, lapsed warranties and broken printers, things don’t seem all that simple and easy.

Which is exactly why you need Freshservice IT Asset Management software. When you manage your assets on Freshservice, you can keep a track of all the CIs and assets lifecycle right through your service desk.

Freshservice's IT Asset Management Software (ITAM) Features...

  • CMDB specifications and properties.
  • Track and manage CI on and off the network.
  • Discovery probe to discover new assets.
  • Attach Relationship to assets linked or used.
  • Incidents and service requests to particular CI.
  • Interlink vendors contact to the service catalog.
  • Expenses and maintenance cost all tabbed.
  • Impact analysis across the CIs.
  • Hardware inventory and software scanning.
  • Track software licenses.

A complete package of various features of Freshservice IT Asset management software to keep your service desk running smoothly.

Why Freshservice IT Asset Management Software for your business?

CMDB: Find all the CI details on one screen

Find information for all your CIs on the CMDB (Configuration Management Database). This covers every minute detail right from the CI type, customer details, IP addresses and associated expenses, to warranty and vendor details and the location of the CI. Save your time spent on switching screens back and forth.

Track Asset health and predict threats

Freshservice IT Asset Management Software allows you to link incidents, service requests problems and changes with any given assets. Manage your inventories and study the health of an asset and proactively diagnose potential threats.

Automate asset discovery

Freshservice Discovery Probe automatically scans and identifies any new additions of asset to your network. Now is the good time to bid goodbye to filling forms, forgotten assets and the possibility of error. Download the probe to your computer and link with your network, the software scanning starts searching for new arrivals on your network and update periodically. We give it an extra edge with the amazing feature of providing detailed history of hardware and software inventory, and Microsoft SCCM for advanced discovery.

Gauge the impact and prioritise assets better

Every component of your assets affect many end users and are linked to several other CIs. This means they are co-dependent and breakdown of either of the machinery is sufficient to create a dominos effect. With Freshservice Asset Management Software you can view the relationship status along with the impact and different connections to different assets right through the CMDB. This helps you in assessing the dependencies of assets and prioritize any actions based on these information.

Calculate Depreciation Costs and other expenses

IT Asset Management software allows you to calculate asset depreciation in three modes - Declining balance, Straight Line and Sum-of-years -digits method. Keep a record of different type of expenses along with its cost to help you measure the assets value at different stages throughout the asset lifecycle.

Understand the procurement and status of your products

The Product Catalogue provides information about all the CIs and assets that are currently being used in your organization. This not only helps you categorize assets based on their modes of procurement, but also lets you check the the status of an asset by telling you if the asset is retired, in production or in the pipeline.

Benefits of Freshservice IT Asset Management Software:

  • Assets Life cycle management: Keep track of complete CIs lifecycle right from procurement, maintenance, depreciation to disposal with IT asset management software. The product catalog and vendor management track the purchase orders. Know the total ownership cost of an asset at any given point.

  • Better assets optimization: Identify possible threats proactively based on linked tickets. CI relationship analysis helps in understanding the impact and deciding next course of actions. Be in a better position to resolve tickets faster and for efficient change management.

  • Control your IT assets data: Document each facet of your ITIL ready asset management software to understand their face value at any given point of time. Such accurate data will help you find solutions rather than engaging more problems.

  • Discover new assets easily: The Discovery Probe automates your service desk software inventory. You can find, collect data and categorize in just a few clicks. Save yourself the time required to collate all the data points.

  • Online IT asset management tool: No more worrying about data privacy and maintenance with everything stored on the cloud. Easily comply with SLA policies and access your data from anywhere. Control and manage your hardware and IT inventory right through your service desk. If this wasn’t enough, you can manage all the mobile devices in your network too.

Know In-Depth about IT Asset Management Software (ITAM):